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Could you spend 100k on solo ads?
Serious question...
There are not many people in this business that have and it is a serious amount of traffic (especially starting off with zero funds and building up to it!)
Most people fail, fail again and then fail again when it comes to solo ads becuase they simply do not understand the basics of things like optimisation, Selecting the right offers and what and when to email to name just a few of the things you must always be doing.
They are often sold as the easy way to build lists and make commissions...
...And most people think they simply do not work!

There is an underground marketer who has managed to spend well over 100k on solo ads and turn it into prety massive profits, and the story of how he got there is pretty wierd...
He will be joining us and spilling the beans This Saturday at 3PM BST / 10 AM EST!
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